Life is not a game




The incredible story of Charlotte who was thought to be a terrorist because of her origins.


The document is an extract from a report entitled “Caught in the Backlash” from the ACLU, an association whose aim/goal is to defend individual rights.

The main character is called Charlotte Wu. She’s a 22 year-old sophomore who’s fond of videogames/ interested in videogames / who plays videogames all the time.
One day in late 2001, Charlotte played a videogame with her friends. Then she left the game. Later, a player phoned her and she helped him by telling him to use a bomb in the game. Then the police came to her room and interrogated her because of the call. They did not arrest her, but she wonders who alerted them.

Part 1:
We don’t really learn in the text the reasons why she left the computers and went home.
– Maybe she had a date with a boy. –> She may have had a date with a boy
– Perhaps she had to go home before the dorm was closed. –> She might have had to go home before the dorm was closed.
– Maybe she wanted to finish some homework for the day after. She must have wanted to finish some homework.
– She can’t have left because she was losing (since we can read she was the master of the game).
– She can’t have left because the game was over (since we can read…)

Charlotte’s friend phoned her because he wanted some help / tips about the game / because he was stalled/stuck. Since Charlotte is a whiz at videogames, she probably knows the game inside out / like the back of her hand and that’s why she was the one to call.

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